November Update

Bambamalicious a posted Nov 19, 16

Just a short news story today considering the size of the module now!

Aliens Vs Predator 2 server is now online! This is patched up to the latest 10.9.6 version, and works without gamespy using the TBBC Master Server. 

MCPE is now up and running, however, there are no mobs in the game to fight or survive from. This is thanks to the way MCPE handles entities and the creators of the server software we use, Genysis are working hard on this.

MC PC version is now running at version 1.11 so you can freely update to play!

Quake was recently added to the classic games page, and I continue to blunder my way towards hopefuly running a DOSBOX emulator that will actually work... although this is proving difficult!

Stay Tuned for Quake 1 & 2 servers in the near future all being well!